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                                            December, 2001                                 Vol. 2, No.12     

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a message from Joyce Dixon

Southern Scribe was created in December 1999.  In a short period, the monthly zine has grown for the original 900 readers to an average of 35,000 readers each month (the high month was October 2001 with over 39,000).  With this issue, Southern Scribe adds a search engine for the site (at the bottom of this page).  In January 2002, Southern Scribe Reading Circles will form for fiction, memoirs, women's fiction, mysteries, and history.

I want to offer a sincere thank you to all of you for helping Southern Scribe grow as we continue to promote southern regional writing.  As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.  Please share your thoughts on the feedback form.


Featured Mystery Author
Readers Travel with Stuart Woods
by Robert L. Hall

I think that getting published is not hard.  Writing something that is publishable is a lot harder.  There are not very many great novels out there in the bottoms of people’s desk drawers.   I think that publishers and agents alike are looking all the time for a new challenge—people who write well and their stories.  So, I believe that the effort that should be made is to do good work.  You do that in order to be published.


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Readers of Lee Smith have been eagerly awaiting her next novel, and the wait will soon be over.  The Last Girls has been bought by Shannon Ravenel at Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill for a fall 2002 release.

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6-11, 2001 Words and Music: Faulkner Literary Feast

2002 Calendar

Book Reviews

The Ballad of Little River, Paul Hemphill, 2001
Sophie and the Rising Sun, Augusta Trobaugh, 2001
It May Not Leave a Scar, Milam McGraw Propst, 2001
Wings of Morning, William Cobb, 2001
Set in Motion, Valerie Martin, 2001
Vanishing Florida, David Warner, 2001
The War in Sallie's Station, Mignon F. Ballard, 2001
An Honorable Estate: My Time in the Working Press, Louis D. Rubin, 2001
Skipping Christmas, John Grisham, 2001
Christmas in Plains, Jimmy Carter, 2001
Redneck Night Before Christmas, David R. Davis with James Rice (Illustrator), 1999
A South Carolina Christmas, Jan Kiefer, David Crosby (Photography), 1997
Christmas Stories from Mississippi, edited by Tucker and McCord, 2001


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