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Celebrating Our Culture
Storytelling through Pictures
Kate Salley Palmer:  Editorial Cartoonist,
Author and Illustrator
by Joyce Dixon

Editorial cartoonists have always fascinated me.  It takes a special talent to capture and exaggerate the features of a famous person, display mood and emotion through facial features or props, and tell a story in a one-frame graphic.  The editorial part of the drawing requires the artist to stay current with news events and have the courage to express an opinion in a public arena.

Kate Salley Palmer is a former newspaper cartoonist who has since applied her graphic storytelling skills to the creation of picture books for children.  The stories for her picture books are inspired by family members and her personal experiences.  

Featured Mainstream Author
You Can Go Home, Again 
An interview with author Robert Inman
By Joyce Dixon

The word “home” resonates through the works of Robert Inman.  It encompasses family, friends and even those cranky folk down the street who watch over you because they care.  “Home” brings to mind family dinners, storytelling on the porch, and sharing secrets with a best friend.  “Home” wraps you in the warmth of love, tradition, and the daily moments – like watching hummingbirds.  Robert Inman is a master at capturing the simple pleasures and recognizing the goodness in people. Home.  

Featured Western Author 
Growing up a Cowboy  
Western Author Dusty Richards   
Interviewed by Robert L. Hall  

Raised in Arizona, Dusty Richards writes about cowboys, Indians, bad guys, good-uns, sleepy Mexican border towns, hombres and shootists. 

Since 1992, Dusty has sold 32 books.  His other cowboy related hobbies, such as rodeo announcer, licensed auctioneer, announcer of the National Championship Chuck Wagon Races, as well as his literary affiliations as President of Ozark Creative Writers Conference , President of the board of Ozark Writer League in Branson, Missouri, member of Western Writers of American  keep him busy as well.           















Larry Baker's novel about a Florida man building the world's largest drive-in movie theater comes to the small screen this month.  The Flamingo Rising, the Hallmark Hall of Fame special, airs February 4, 2001 on CBS (9-11 pm, ET/PT). 

37th Annual Georgia Author of the Year Awards will be presented March 17, 2001 in Macon, Georgia.  The event sponsored by Georgia Writers, Inc. and hosted by Mercer University Press, will be held at Connell Student Center at Mercer University.

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February  Calendar

1-3, 2001 Florida Suncoast Writers
2-3, 2001 Romance in Magic City
21-25, 2001 13th Annual Natchez Literary Celebration
23-25, 2001 Florida Romance Writers' Fun in the Sun
23-25, 2001 Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators Spring Conference
22-25, 2001 Art and Soul Conference at Baylor

  2001 Calendar

Book Reviews

New Stories from The South: The Year's Best, 2000, edited by Shannon Ravenel, 2000
Out of the Night That Covers Me, Pat Cunningham Devoto, 2001
Beyond the Night: A Remembrance, Wayne Greenhaw, 1999
Coming Home: Life, Love, and All Things Southern, Robert Inman, 2000
From Southern Wrongs to Civil Rights: The Memoir of a Civil Rights Activist, Sara Mitchell Parsons, 2000
All the Lost Girls: Confessions of a Southern Daughter, Patricia Foster, 2000
B-Four, Sam Hodges, 2000
A Buzzard is My Best Friend, Margaret Anne Barnes, 2000
Blackberries, Blackberries, Crystal Wilkinson, 2000
Southern Winds, W. Everett Beal, 2000
What Matters Most, Winnie Griggs, 2001
Sweethearts of the Twilight Lanes, Luanne Jones, 2001
Behold, This Dreamer, Charlotte Miller, 2000
Deep Sleep, Charles Wilson, 2001
A Portrait of Southern Writers, Curt Richter, 2000
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