March, 2001                         Vol. 2, No.3        

Book News

Featured Mystery Author
A Journalist is a Natural Sleuth
An Interview with Mystery Author Elaine Viets
By Elaine S. August

St. Louis is a city that I knew very well.  Then after moving and working in DC, I found myself between jobs. Characters are something I would know about, since a good reporter covers a lot of situations. Opposed to just stumbling over ‘dead’ people; it is written into the profession to investigate and is logical for a reporter to be a natural sleuth.  Now it is nice to just write my novels without the column.


Featured Historian
An Historian’s Perspective on Two Texas Killers: Whitman and McDuff
An Interview with Author Gary M. Lavergne
by Robert L. Hall

Gary Lavergne has been published in regional, national, and international scholarly journals. His book, A Sniper in the Tower: The Charles Whitman Murders, has received rave reviews from many of the nation's largest and most respected dailies and trade magazines.  In January, 1999, Gary signed a contract with UNT Press for the publication of his second book, The Bad Boy from Rosebud Today, he is working on his third book; it will be a narrative history of the Cajun people.


















The author of Ahab's Wife, Sena Jeter Nasland has won the Harper Lee Award for Alabama's Distinguished Writer 2000. 

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March Calendar

2-4, 2001  Duel on the Delta
2-3, 2001 Written in the Stars Writers' Conference
10, 2001 Hollins University Literary Festival
14-17, 2001 Arts & Letters Festival
16-17, 2001 Writing Today
17, 2001 Georgia Author of the Year Awards
19-28, 2001 Kennesaw State Univ. Contemporary Literature Conference
21-23, 2001 USC Bicentennial Writer's Festival
21-23, 2001 Children's Book Festival at University of Southern Mississippi
22-24, 2001 Sand Hills Conference at Augusta State University
23-25, 2001 Virginia Romance Writers Conference
22-24. 2001 Kentucky Women Writers Conference
21-25, 2001 The Virginia Festival of the Book
28- 4/1, 2001 The Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival
29-4/3, 2001 The Fine Arts of Being Southern
30, 2001 The Art of Jill McCorkle at UNC-Pembroke 

  2001 Calendar

Book Reviews

Rainy Days and Sundays, Brewster Milton Robertson, 2000
In the Forest of Harm, Sallie Bissell, 2001
Carry Me Home, Diane McWhorter, 2001
Out of the Night That Covers Me, Pat Cunningham Devoto, 2001
Beyond the Night: A Remembrance, Wayne Greenhaw, 1999
Provinces of Night, William Gay, 2001
Coming Home: Life, Love, and All Things Southern, Robert Inman, 2000
From Southern Wrongs to Civil Rights: The Memoir of a Civil Rights Activist, Sara Mitchell Parsons, 2000
All the Lost Girls: Confessions of a Southern Daughter, Patricia Foster, 2000
B-Four, Sam Hodges, 2000
What Matters Most, Winnie Griggs, 2001
Sweethearts of the Twilight Lanes, Luanne Jones, 2001
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