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Featured Thriller Author
A Renaissance Man:
An Interview with 
Brewster M. Robertson
by Joyce Dixon

I suspect that Brewster Robertson would be the first to rebuff my calling him "a renaissance man," but that is clearly what he is.  Robertson brings to mind those men who used to be numerous in the South and now are rare treasures.  Where the term today has been belittled to "Jack of all trades and master of none,"  Robertson excels at each venture and greets the morning with curiosity and the spirit of an explorer.  

Featured Historian
My Legacy: 
The Story of Flore Dupruis Konold
by Robert L. Hall

Flore Dupuis married an American soldier after World War II and has spent the last thirty-five years raising her family in Arkansas.  She captures the history of many who immigrated to American shores and provides a legacy for her heirs.













The Fellowship of Southern Writers will induct six authors during ceremonies at the Chattanooga Conference on Southern Literature on April 21st.  The inductees are Pulitzer Prize winning poet Henry Taylor, Pulitzer Prize winning dramatist Beth Henley, Josephine Humphreys, Bobbie Ann Mason, Allan Gurganus, and Joseph Blotner.

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April Calendar

3/30-4/1, 2001 The Oxford Conference for the Book
6-8, 2001 Savannah Literary Festival
6-7, 2001 Southern Kentucky Festival of Books
19-21, 2001 Chattanooga Conference on Southern Literature
21-22, 2001 South Carolina Book Festival
28, 2001 Alabama Bound

  2001 Calendar

Book Reviews

The Cry of an Occasion, edited by Richard Bausch, 2001
Eating the Cheshire Cat, Helen Ellis, 2001
Rainy Days and Sundays, Brewster Milton Robertson, 2000
Home Across the Road, Nancy Peacock, 2001
Florida Lighthouse Trail, edited by Thomas W. Taylor, 2001
Deal with the Dead, Les Standiford, 2001
Haunting Sunshine: Ghostly Tales from Florida's Shadows, Jack Powell, 2001
In the Forest of Harm, Sallie Bissell, 2001
Out of the Night That Covers Me, Pat Cunningham Devoto, 2001
Carry Me Home, Diane McWhorter, 2001
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