June, 2001                         Vol. 2, No.6        

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Celebrating Our Culture
A Sense of Place
An Interview with Fiction Author Sharyn McCrumb
by Joyce Dixon

Virginia author Sharyn McCrumb lives less than a hundred miles from where her family settled in 1790.  She attributes her gift for storytelling to her great-grandfathers, who were circuit preachers in North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains a hundred years ago.  Through her ballad series, Ms. McCrumb passes along the legends, stories, songs and traditions of Appalachia – giving the world a sense of place. 


Featured Fiction Author
"A Careful, Affectionate Attention”
An Interview with Michael Griffith
by Robert L. Hall  

“Not many magazines and very few book publishers can afford to devote much time, energy, and expertise to editing these days.  We feel that’s one thing that sets us (at The Southern Review) apart: a careful, affectionate attention to work we admire and have accepted.  Working with authors is one of the chief pleasures of my job, and the vast majority of contributors seem to enjoy the process and appreciate being read closely and appreciatively.”   -- Michael Griffith on the subject of writing.


Featured Thriller Author
Suspense and Thrills:  
All in a Day’s Job for This Lawyer  
An Interview with M. Diane Vogt
By Elaine S. August

Diane Vogt successfully uses a contemporary blending of colorful Tampa flavors with a judicial touch to keep you one step behind the guilty. M. Diane Vogt’s third novel Gasparilla Gold is due out late this year. It continues with the Judge Willa Carson series. Diane’s writing triumphs, when picking up on all the flavors and settings as she walks us around the Tampa area so uniquely - you feel as if you are a part of the blend that has been captured by her love of the city. 


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The controversial book The Wind Done Gone by Alice Randall will be released June 28, 2001.  It is a parody of Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell, which was published June 30, 1936.

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June Calendar

1-2, 2001 Arkansas Writers Conference
1-3, 2001 The High Hampton Annual Literary Conference
3-7, 2001 Duke University Writers' Workshop
9, 2001 NC Writers Spring Conference
17-23, 2001 Southeastern Writers Association

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Book Reviews

Dog Island, Mike Stewart, 2001
Music of Falling Water, Julie Oliver, 2001
The Songcatcher, Sharyn McCrumb, 2001
After Southern Modernism, Matthew Guinn, 2000
Spikes: A Novel, Michael Griffith, 2001
The Most Beautiful Villages and Towns of the South, Ramsey & O'Kain, 2000
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