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                                                    September, 2001                         Vol. 2, No.9     

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Celebrating Our Culture
My Heart Is in the Earth:
An Interview with Author
Wayne Greenhaw
by Joyce Dixon

Wayne Greenhaw was born with a fever.  Though literally he was burning with polio, that fever sparked a creative spirit, drive and curiosity in a boy nurtured in a family of storytellers.  Alabama's story first came to him through the stories of his grandfather, who worked for the TVA.  When he got to go on the road with his father, a beauty supplies salesman, Wayne observed the land and people of Alabama.


Featured Publisher
Harlan Publishing:
Mysterious Press, Southern-Fried?
by Brewster Milton Robertson

Back in the early 60s when Bob Dylan penned the portentous lyric, “The times they are a’changin,” most likely the furthest thing from the young visionary’s mind was the near-seismic upheavals that would beset the publishing industry beginning in the 80s.  Not the least of the resulting fault features on the merger-ravaged publishing landscape has been the burgeoning ranks of intrepid small independent publishers making a strong presence.  One of the most recent and perhaps most promising is feisty little Harlan Publishing of Greensboro, North Carolina—a sort of Tobacco Road mini-edition of Mysterious Press.


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The first National Book Festival will be held in Washington, D.C. on September 8th.

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September Calendar

1, 2001 White County Creative Writers Conference
15, 2001 GA Book and Arts Festival
20-22, 2001 Lillian Smith Symposium & Awards
20-23, 2001 Southeast Booksellers Association Trade Show
20-23, 2001 Fall for the Book Literary Festival
Dec 6-11, 2001 Words and Music: Faulkner Literary Feast (reschedule)
28-30, 2001 Baltimore Book Festival

2001 Calendar

Book Reviews

My Heart is in the Earth: True Stories of Alabama and Mexico,
Wayne Greenhaw, 2001
Zigzagging Down a Wild Trail, Bobbie Ann Mason, 2001
Scarlett Slept Here: A Book Lover's Guide to the South, Joy Dickinson, 2001
Crimson Creek, Dean Feldmeyer, 2001
Dire Straits, Marshall Frank, 2001
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