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                                                   November, 2002                           Vol. 3, No.10

Book News
Celebrating Our Culture
Remembering Charles Kuralt
An Interview with Ralph Grizzle
By Joyce Dixon

It's been eight years since Charles Kuralt said farewell to viewers of CBS's "Sunday Morning" with a poetic allusion to taking a journey to seek the Holy Grail.  His memory and body of work are being preserved due to the effort of Ralph Grizzle and his site Remembering Charles Kuralt.


Celebrating Our Culture
Looking at the Positive Side of Life
An Interview with Dickie Anderson
by Joyce Dixon

The first thing that you notice about Dickie Anderson is her smile, then you are in awe of her energy.  After a career in marketing the men's and women's athletic programs at the University of Iowa, Dickie now runs her own marketing and consulting business on Amelia Island, Florida.  She is a freelance writer and motivational speaker.


Porch Tales
Porch Tales are personal essays that bring memories of family, community, place and all those favorite stories passed on the porch.
I'm Claimin' You
by Pamela Bradley


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Southeast Independent Bestseller List (managed by Book Sense and SEBA).

Reynolds Price and Elizabeth Spencer among those inducted into the N.C. Literary Hall of Fame.

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November Calendar
1-2, 2002  Atlanta Antiquarian Book Fair
1-3, 2002 Moonlight and Magnolias Writers' Retreat
2, 2002 Louisiana Book Festival
2, 2002 Kentucky Book Fair
3, 2002 St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading
14-17, 2002 Texas Book Festival
15-17, 2002 North Carolina Writers Network Fall Conference
17-24, 2002 Miami Book Fair International
22-24, 2002 Southern Writers Reading
23, 2002 Baltimore Writers' Alliance Writers' Conference


2002 Calendar

Book Reviews
I Hate to See the Evening Sun Go Down, William Gay, 2002
My Losing Season, Pat Conroy, 2002
The Last Girls, Lee Smith, 2002
Remembering Charles Kuralt, Ralph Grizzle, 2001
Charles Kuralt's PEOPLE: A collection of award-winning stories by Charles Kuralt, edited by Ralph Grizzle, 2002
Women in a Manís World, Crying, Vicki Covington, 2002
Mrs. Hollingsworth's Men, Padgett Powell, 2002
In the Land of Dreamy Dreams, Ellen Gilchrist, 2002
The Ragged Way People Fall Out of Love, Elizabeth Cox, 2002
Naming the Afternoon: Poems, Julia Johnson, 2002
FROM THE PORCH: Share the Charm of Island Living, Dickie Anderson, 2002
Wishes for Christmas, Marilyn Mae Randall, 2002
Cracker's Mule, Billy Moore, 2002
Past Tense, Bob Levy, 2002
The Return, Vicki Allen, 2002
Surface Tension, Christine Kling, 2002
Southern Nights: A Mystery and Suspense Collection by Southern Writers, Marti Phillips and et al, 2001


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