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                                            March-April, 2002                                 Vol. 3, No.3     

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Featured Fiction Author
"What She Writes is a Mystery"
An Interview with
Fiction Author Elizabeth Dewberry
by Robert L. Hall

A lovely young lady with long, blonde hair and dressed in a black jumpsuit and heels stands before us, reading from her latest fictional novel.  She begins by describing a character--a woman--lost in the swirl and exuberance of Mardi Gras. Yet she isn’t celebrating.  No, she’s watching, looking for assassins in every corner of the block.  Sounds assault her, bodies crunch her and she jumps.  Is this a man with a weapon that is coming toward her to kill her?  Is he in the hire of her father, the Governor of Louisiana--the same man who had her mother killed?

Featured Poet
"Words Will Take You Anywhere"
An Interview with Kelly Cherry
by Pam Kingsbury

In her memoir, Writing the World, Kelly Cherry assures readers that "Words will take you anywhere." Her work (she's published twenty-seven books: six collections of fiction, two memoirs, six collections of poetry, two translations of classical drama, and five chapbooks of poetry) has taken her all over the world, including: Latvia, the Philippines, England, Scotland, Yalta, and most of the United States. Despite all her traveling, she admits, "My great ambition in life is a screened porch on which to write my poems, which might be a lighthearted metaphor." 


Featured Romance Author
Interview with Romance Time Traveler
Barbara Christopher
By Robert L. Hall

Since 1990, Barbara Christopher has been writing romances, finishing seven manuscripts for projected books, before she “Got the call” from ImaJinn Books.  They wanted to publish her latest work, Keeper of the Key. In November of 2001, the novel began to show up on bookshelves.  Barbara, who had published newsletter articles and some poems, was now a novelist.  Her family and friends had told her prior to this that happiness is doing what you love, not receiving rewards.  Nevertheless, after over ten years of writing in the field, she was elated.

Porch Tales
A new monthly feature joins Southern Scribe this month.  Porch Tales are personal essays that bring memories of family, community, place and all those favorite stories passed on the porch.
by Ulmer Speed
by Dickie Anderson



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April Calendar

4-6, 2002 Arts & Letters Festival
4-6, 2002 Kentucky Women Writers Conference
4-6, 2002 Florida Outdoor Writers Conference
5-6, 2002 Dreamin' in Dallas 2002
3-5, 2002 Children's Book Festival at University of Southern Mississippi
5-6, 2002 NC Literary Festival at UNC-CH
11-14, 2002 The Oxford Conference for the Book
12-14, 2002 Mystery: The Florida Connection
12-13, 2002 Writing Today
18, 2002 Chattanooga Readers Feast
19-20, 2002 Southern Kentucky Festival of Books
20, 2002 Carol Quinto Spring Mini-Conference
25, 2002 KSU Poetry Celebration
27, 2002 Alabama Bound

2002 Calendar

Book Reviews

Rising Venus: Poems, Kelly Cherry, 2002
Dixiana Moon, William Price Fox, 2001
Verbena, Nanci Kincaid, 2002
Creatures of Habit, Jill McCorkle, 2001
The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary & Sewing Circle, Lois Battle, 2001
For Molly, Vicki Allen, 1999
Dying to Meet You, Amy Talford, 2001
Maximum Intent: Selected Columns, Bill Maxwell, 2001
A Recent Martyr, Valerie Martin, 2001
Sometimes Madness is Wisdom: Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald: A Marriage, Kendall Taylor, 2001
The Girl in the Fall-Away Dress: Stories, Michelle Richmond, 2001
Quilt Stories, edited by Cecilia Macheski, 2001
Wild Blue Yonder, William Price Fox, 2002
The Dixie Belle's Guide to Love, Luanne Jones, 2002
Dear Mouse..., Schuyler Kaufman, 2001
The Majesty of the Mississippi Delta, Jim Frazier, West Freeman (Photography), 2002
White for Harvest: New and Selected Poems, Jeanie Thompson, 2001
Multicolored Memories of a Black Southern Girl, Kitty Oliver, 2001
The Man Who Just Didn't Care, Ray Garmon, 2000
Pagan Moon, William G. Davis, 2000


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