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                                                            May, 2002                               Vol. 3, No.4  

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Featured Fiction Author
Humor that's Southern Fried
An Interview with William Price Fox
by Pam Kingsbury

William Price Fox dislikes being compared to anyone else or pigeon-holed. He tries to make every book different from the one before. In the last thirty plus years, he 's written for Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, Harper's, and Esquire. His fiction includes: Wild Blue Yonder, Dixiana Moon, Southern Fried, and Ruby Red.  Fox teaches creative writing at the University of South Carolina in his native Columbia.

Featured Historical Fiction Author
Finding Hope in the Ashes of War
An Interview with Virginia Renfro Ellis
by Joyce Dixon

It has been said that the effects of the Civil War are deeply rooted in Southern culture and continue to answer the question of who we are today.  The War was responsible for the tragic spirit, the richness of Southern ghostlore, and the creation of the steel magnolia from the women who were left behind to rebuild the South.

Virginia Ellis, in The Wedding Dress, captures the quiet strength of Southern women to build hope and change their situation.  Drawing on the history of Gettysburg, prisoners of war in Ohio, and the economic struggle of Reconstruction, Ellis has written a novel that focuses on the emotional character of war -- despair, grief, faith, and hope. 


Porch Tales
Porch Tales are personal essays that bring memories of family, community, place and all those favorite stories passed on the porch.
by Dickie Anderson



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SEBA 2002 Book Awards go to The Bridge by Doug Marlette (fiction), Ava's Man by Rick Bragg (non-fiction), and How Animals Saved the People: Animal Tales from the South by J.J. Reneaux (children's book).

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May Calendar

2-4, 2002 Alabama Writers Symposium
3-4, 2002 Southern Lights Writer's Conference
3-4, 2002 Oklahoma Writers' Federation Conference
3-5, 2002 Mid-Atlantic Writers' Conference
3-5, 2002 Mountain Laurel Conference
16-19, 2002 Journey for the Writer in You: Savannah
18, 2002 NC Writers Spring Conference
18, 2002 GA Writers Association Spring Festival
16-18, 2002 Florida First Coast Writers' Festival
17-19, 2002 Nashville Screenwriters Conference
20-26, 2002 Arts & Letters Workshops

2002 Calendar

Book Reviews

The Wedding Dress, Virginia Ellis, 2002
The Great Sea Island Storm of 1893, Bill & Fran Marscher, 2001
The Remembered Gate: Memoirs by Alabama Writers, edited by Jay Lamar & Jeanie Thompson, 2002
Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda, edited by Jackson R. Bryer & Cathy W. Barks, 2002
Pull of the Past, Mary Ann Mellen, 2001
Almost Perfect, Patricia Rice, 2002
The Lillie Pad: A Southern Tale, Laurie Pfister Taylor, 2001
The Aliens of Transylvania County, Patrick Bone, 2002
Blood Must Bear Your Name, Sue Walker, 2002
Visible Ink, George Starbuck, 2002
Bellocq's Opelia and Domestic Work, Natasha Trethewey, 2002/2000
Oh, What a Loansome Time I Had, edited by Thomas W. Cutrer, 2002


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