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                                                   September, 2002                           Vol. 3, No.8

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Southeast Independent Bestseller List (managed by Book Sense and SEBA).

The book events of Fall offer southern voices old and new.

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September Calendar

5-8, 2002 Mid-South Independent Booksellers Assoc. Trade Show
11-14, 2002 Florida Outdoor Writers Conference
13-14, 2002 Panama City Writers Association Fall Workshop
20-22, 2002 Southeast Booksellers Association Trade Show
21, 2002 Annual Library of Virginia Literary Awards
24-29, 2002 The Atlanta Literary Festival
28, 2002 GA Book and Arts Festival
26-29, 2002 Lost State Writers Conference
27-28, 2002 The Celebration of Books
27-29, 2002 Baltimore Book Festival
28, 2002 Telling Alabama's Stories

2002 Calendar

Book Reviews

There is a River, Charlotte Miller, 2002
My Life & Dr. Joyce Brothers: A Novel in Stories, Kelly Cherry, 2002
A Place Called Wiregrass, Michael Morris, 2002
Bear Me Safely Over, Sheri Joseph, 2002
Small Change: The Secret Life of Penny Burford, J. Belinda Yandell, 2002
The Sunday Wife, Cassandra King, 2002
Her Kind of Want: Stories, Jennifer S. Davis, 2002
New Stories from The South: The Year's Best, 2002, edited by Shannon Ravenel, 2002
The Dixie Dictionary, Thomas W. Howard, 2002
The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch, Marsha Moyer, 2002
Swan Place, Augusta Trobaugh, 2002
Hollow Ground, Stephen Marion, 2002
How Animals Saved the People: Animal Tales from the South, J. J. Reneaux & James Ransome, 2001
The Heaven of Mercury, Brad Watson, 2002
A Century of Controversy: Constitutional Reform in Alabama, edited by Bailey Thomson, 2002
Standing in the Rainbow, Fannie Flagg, 2002
The Bark of the Dogwood: A Tour of Southern Homes and Gardens, Jackson Tippett McCrae, 2002
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Featured Fiction Author
Finding a Balance in Life Through Writing
An Interview with Michael Morris
by Joyce Dixon


Michael Morris recalled his grandfather talking about
Wiregrass.  To the youngster's mind, he pictured barbed
wire mixed in grass.  Michael Morris said it is "that image
stayed with me and I thought it was the perfect place for
Erma Lee to go through a bad time in her life and then
also the place where she rebuilds her life."
Featured Fiction Author
Life is a Cycle of Stories
An Interview with Sheri Joseph
by Pam Kingsbury

Sheri Joseph's debut collection, Bear Me Safely Over, has garnered favorable reviews and the praise of critics.

Joseph, who earned her Ph.D. at the University of Georgia, joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing at Georgia State University, where she teaches both graduate and undergraduate fiction writing courses.

A Gathering of Words
The View from Here....an Appeal.
By Nicki Leone

Southern writers, more than any other region, tend to "go national".  Our Charles Fraziers and Jan Karons and Rebecca Wells and Lee Smiths and Silas Houses are quickly recognized in the South for the caliber of their writing.  And writers who are popular here, are a step away from national acclaim. 

Featured Fiction Author
An Exercise in Language and Literature
An Interview with Jackson Tippett McCrae
by Pam Kingsbury

Jackson Tippett McCrae, who was born in Decatur, Alabama and whose family really did get locked in Helen Keller's birthplace at Ivy Green is a first time novelist with an unusual flair for blending research with storytelling.


Featured Historical Fiction Author
Historical Accuracy in Storytelling
An Interview with Charlotte Miller
by Pam Kingsbury

Regional best-seller Charlotte Miller's third novel, There is a River, is receiving national pre-publication publicity -- a special advanced reader's edition sold out, a recent edition of Publisher's Weekly included an update on Miller's work, and there's talk of going back to press for reprints.

Celebrating Our Culture
New Orleans: A Crescent-Shaped Gem of the Deep South
By Raymond Pregeant

A mule-drawn carriage takes you along a narrow bricked street; the slow rhythmic clicking sound of hooves keeping you in time with the quiet unwavering pace of the indifferent locals. Pastel Spanish and French Caribbean-style homes lie cluttered together on either side, with hardly enough room to fit a banana tree, or even a small iron grate fence, between them. You've got your camera.

Porch Tales
Porch Tales are personal essays that bring memories of family, community, place and all those favorite stories passed on the porch.
       by Ulmer Speed
      Aunt May
        by Pamela Bradley

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