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                                                   May, 2003                               Vol. 4, No. 5

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Featured Author
Literary Dreams
An Interview with Melinda Haynes
by Pam Kingsbury

Melinda Haynes, the writer, is extraordinary. Her first two novels (Mother of Pearl and Chalktown) have sold more than 1.5 million copies. Her debut novel was an Oprah Book Club Selection and her work has garnered praise from critics, academics, readers, and her fellow writers. Sena Jeter Naslund wrote, "Chalktown is brilliant, completely original, transporting -- Melinda Haynes is the new powerhouse writer of the South. Some day, people will say "Faulkner, O'Connor, Haynes."

The Guardian of Love Stories
An Interview with Nicholas Sparks
by Joyce Dixon
You can't read a Nicholas Sparks book without a box of tissues nearby as his characters go through the highs and lows of love.  His seventh novel, The Guardian, takes Sparks readers on an intense ride as he adds danger to the mixture.  In small town North Carolina, a handsome stranger becomes obsessed with the local hairdresser, then begins a deadly stalking game when she rejects him.
Featured Poet
The Moments in Our Lives
An Interview with Beth Ann Fennelly
by Charlotte J. Robertson

A glimpse of Beth Ann Fennelly, a captivating red-headed beauty, hints at the lust for life reflected in the poems she captures on paper.  Such passion is the driving force which garnered her The 2001 Kenyon Review Prize for Poetry for her book, Open House, published by Zoo Press.

Featured Author
Helping Readers Discover Themselves
An Interview with Marshall Boswell
by Robert L. Hall

As it states on the book jacket of his first story collection, Trouble With Girls, Marshall Boswell has published short stories in magazines from Missouri Review to Playboy, and in New Stories from the South, 2001.  He and his wife and their two young children live in Memphis, where he teachers American literature at Rhodes College.

Featured Author
A Passion for Writing
An Interview with Theresa Williams
by Pam Kingsbury

Theresa Williams combined her passions for reading, writing, Bobby Kennedy, and the spirit of adolescence to create her first novel The Secret Of Hurricanes.  She received the Devine Award for fiction in 1989 and is the winner of the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award.  Williams teaches writing and literature at Bowling Green State University.

Featured Children's Book Author
Lowcountry Storyteller
An Interview with Jannie Greene
by Joyce Dixon

Jannie Greene draws on local history and folklore as well as her background in psychology to write stories for children.  A native of Georgetown, South Carolina, Greene graduated from the University of South Carolina with a B. A. degree in Psychology and earned her masters of Education degree from Coastal Carolina University.  Greene is a gifted storyteller and her stories are rich with Lowcountry folklore.


Porch Tales
Porch Tales are personal essays that bring memories of family, community, place and all those favorite stories passed on the porch.
by Ulmer Speed
Wind Chimes
by Dorothy K. Fletcher
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May  Calendar
1-3, 2003 Alabama Writers Symposium
2-3, 2003 Southern Lights Writer's Conference
2-3, 2003 Oklahoma Writers' Federation Conference
3-5, 2003 Mountain Laurel Conference
15-17, 2003 Florida First Coast Writers' Festival
15-17, 2003 Panama City Writers Association Workshop
18-22, 2003 Duke University Writers' Workshop
19-24, 2003 Arts & Letters Workshops
24, 2003 NC Writers' Network Spring Conference
5/23-6/1, 2003 Kentucky Writers Retreat Workshop
5/30-6/1, 2003 Nashville Screenwriters Conference
5/27-6/1, 2003 Emory Summer Writers' Institute & Festival

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Book Reviews
Willem's Field, Melinda Haynes, 2003
The Guardian, Nicholas Sparks, 2003
Trouble With Girls, Marshall Boswell, 2003
A Broken Thing, Marlin Barton, 2003
We Can Still Be Friends: A Novel, Kelly Cherry, 2003
The Secret Life of Hurricanes, Theresa Williams, 2002
The Blaze of Poui, Mark McMorris, 2003
Gum's Story, Rick Turnbull, 2002
The Learnin' Post, Robert L. Hall, 2002
Kentucky Bad Boy, David S. Rains, 2001
Marty and the Dancing Butterflies, Jannie Greene, 2001
Lowcountry Lore: haunts, hags, and plat-eyes, Jannie Greene, 2001
Grandpa's Tales, Jannie Greene, 2000
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