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                                                   June, 2003                               Vol. 4, No. 6

Book News
Lowcountry Mysteries
An Interview with Kathryn R. Wall
by Joyce Dixon
In Bay Tanner, Kathryn Wall has created a character is so vivid and full of spirit that she stays in the reader's mind well after the book is closed.  Add to that her southern menagerie solving mysteries ranging from land schemes to Civil War treasure, and you have a mystery series with staying power.
Featured Author
Silas House
Kentucky's Literary Light
by Linda Scott DeRosier

Silas House, A kid from Lily, Kentucky—where his family has lived for generations—is Kentucky's newest literary light.  A graduate of Sue Bennett College and Eastern Kentucky University, House dazzled literary critics and the reading public by breaking onto the national scene in 2001 with the publication of his first novel, Clay's Quilt.  


Capturing True Stories of Crime and Love
An Interview with Jaclyn Weldon White
by Joyce Dixon

The years Jaclyn Weldon White spent in law enforcement as a police officer, detective, and later an administrator for a large metropolitan Atlanta juvenile court prepared her well for gathering facts and listening to the poignant or disturbing elements of a story.  Creative non-fiction is taking the actual facts and showing the story through anecdotes that draws readers into the subject.  That is where Jaclyn Weldon White is a master of her craft.

Step Aside and Let a Lady Lead the Way
An Interview with Linda Spalla
by Joyce Dixon

After reading Linda Spalla's book and interviewing her, I have this image of Scarlett O'Hara standing in the field with her fist raised to Heaven saying, "With God as my witness, I shall never go hungry again."  Linda did not let the blocks that life put in her path stop her; but she worked to succeed, was kind to those around her, and helped those following her.  Linda Spalla went from divorced, single mother and school teacher to the first female general manager for The New York Times Broadcast Group.


Featured Author
Writing Other People’s Stories
An Interview with L. Elisabeth Beattie,
Kentucky Author and Oral Historian
By Kathy Riley Williams

L. Elisabeth Beattie is by turns elegant and earthy, intellectual and self-deprecating. The auburn-haired author and historian, known as Linda to her friends, is quick to laugh and loves to chat. No doubt, these traits add to her skills as an oral historian and a writer.


Southern Theatre
Politically Incorrect on Stage
An Interview with Stephen Peace
by Joyce Dixon

To some point the world is producing a generation of guarded writers who check their writing against what is politically correct.  Though that is a "nice" way of seeing the world, it has a tendency to rewrite history and create a bland realism.  Playwright Stephen Peace is "marching to his own drum."


Porch Tales
Porch Tales are personal essays that bring memories of family, community, place and all those favorite stories passed on the porch.
Martha Belle Remembers A Civil War Story from 1864
By Pamela J. Bradley
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World Premiere of The Adventures of Ociee Nash

Valerie Martin is Awarded the Orange Prize

Lillie D. Chaffin Literary Award Presented to Silas House

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June  Calendar
7, 2003 Cumberland  Writers' Conference
7, 2003 Georgia Author of the Year Awards
16-20, 2003 EKU Creative Writing Conference
15-21, 2003 Southeastern Writers Association
20-21, 2003 Southern Christian Writers Conference
20-21, 2003 High Country Book Fair
6/28-7/5, 2003 Wildacres Writers Workshop

2003 Calendar

Book Reviews
Remind Me Again Why I Married You, Rita Ciresi, 2003
WHITEGIRL, Kate Manning, 2002
Ghost Riders, Sharyn McCrumb, 2003
The Last of the Honky-tonk Angels, Marsha Moyer, 2003
Perdition House, Kathryn R. Wall, 2003
And Not a Penny More, Kathryn R. Wall, 2002
In for a Penny, Kathryn R. Wall, 2001
Working the Dirt: Poems of Farming and Gardening in the South, Edited by Jennifer Horne, 2003
Affrilachia, Frank X. Walker, 2000
Robert E. Lee, By Roy Blount, Jr., 2003
A Very Special Gift: The Story of the Legacy of Emily Fisher Crum and Remer Hamilton Crum, Jaclyn Weldon White, 2002
The Ghost of Scootertrash Past: Memories and Rants of a Longrider, Mark Tiger Edmonds, 2003

Lives of the Artists: Stories, Dennis Vannatta, 2003

Dad's Tweed Coat: Small Wisdoms, Hidden Comforts, Unexpected Joys, Jim Reed, 1998
Leading Ladies: 30 Tips for Dynamic Female Leaders, Linda Spalla, 2003
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