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                                               July, 2003                               Vol. 4, No. 7

Book News
Featured Author
Ociee Nash is Sure to Become a Classic
An Interview with Milam McGraw Propst
by Joyce Dixon

Milam McGraw Propst is likely to join the ranks of Lucy Maud Montgomery and Laura Ingalls Wilder with her creation of a spirited young girl who loses her mother and leaves her home in Mississippi to live with her maiden aunt in North Carolina.  Ociee stays strong and faces each change in her life as a new adventure.  The novels take place at the beginning of the twentieth century and is a charming journey of that period.

Featured Thriller Author
“That’s right where I want you to be.”
An Interview with Jere Hoar
by Robert L. Hall

After thirty-six years experience teaching journalism at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi, educating future writers, Jere Hoar, at age 73, has published his first novel, The Hit. I expected some name-dropping, some anecdotes, perhaps an exchange of war stories with members of the audience about the ‘good ol’ times’ at the university. What I got was a humbling experience instead: a fastidiously neat, trim man with white hair and a perfect mustache, sharing his thoughts about his book in a modest way…a teacher’s way, precisely as he must have addressed his classroom of journalism students in decades past.

Featured Author
The Guy Who Never Grew Up
An Interview with Steve White
by Joyce Dixon

There's a lot to be said for not growing up.  I'm not talking about the Peter Pan Syndrome, because Steve White has dealt with life's tragedies in a very grown up fashion.  What I am talking about is hanging on to boyish charm, creative spirit, fearlessness, and a sense of fun.  Steve White takes the most mundane items and turns them into moments of hilarity. His memoir Family Vacations & Other Hazards of Growing Up is "Leave it to Beaver" meets "The Wonder Years".

Featured Bookseller
Creating a Community's Center
for Literary Life
An Interview with Mitch Kaplan
by Charlotte J. Robertson

When we arrived on the scene for Books & Books’ 20th anniversary party – and what a party it was – we  approached the handsome, charismatic owner, Mitch Kaplan, and he interrupted a television interview to hug Brewster and welcome me, my enlightenment increased.  Authors from all over the United States had gathered to share with Mitch in this special moment.  Among those were Rick Bragg, Dan Wakefield, Pat and Sandra Conroy, Les Standiford, James W. Hall, John Dufresne, Lynn Barrett -- a veritable Who’s Who of literati.


Featured Inspirational Author
Discovering Your Spiritual Home
An Interview with Betty Smartt Carter
by Joyce Dixon

Betty Smartt Carter comes from a rich family history with links to the Read House in Chattanooga and a father who was a founder of The Presbyterian Church in America.  She was much younger than her siblings, so much of her youth was like that of an only child.  Growing up in Hopewell, Virginia in an evangelically charged household, Betty found comfort in Christian rituals before she discovered her own spiritual foundation. 


Porch Tales
Porch Tales are personal essays that bring memories of family, community, place and all those favorite stories passed on the porch.
Not Your Average Author Appearance
by Nicki Leone

Sirens of Spring

by Bailey Jones
Some Treasured Lessons from Growing up Country
By Ulmer Speed
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UT Southern Literature Festival to Honor George Garrett

Eudora Welty in Her Own Version of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

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July  Calendar
11-13, 2003 Appalachian Writers Association Conference
13-19, 2003 Southern Mystique Summer Film Camp
15-27, 2003 Sewanee Writers' Conference
18-19, 2003 Harriette Austin Writers Conference
17-19, 2003 Southern Writers, Southern Writing
18-20, 2003 Life Stories: the art of memoir
20-25, 2003 Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference
25-26, 2003 North Carolina Writers' Conference
7/27-8/1, 2003 Appalachian Writers' Workshop
23-27, 2003 Writing the Region
7/31-8/2, 2003 Alabama Writers' Conclave Conference

2003 Calendar

Book Reviews
Hell at the Breech, Tom Franklin, 2003
A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street: A Novel. Milam McGraw Propst, 1999
Ociee on Her Own: A Novel. Milam McGraw Propst, 2003
The Angel Whispered Danger, Mignon F. Ballard, 2003
Last Scene Alive, Charlaine Harris, 2003
The Hit, Jere Hoar, 2003
Suspicion of Madness. Barbara Parker, 2003
Perdition House, Kathryn R. Wall, 2003
And Not a Penny More, Kathryn R. Wall, 2002
In for a Penny, Kathryn R. Wall, 2001

Reunited, Jan Scarbrough, 2003

Bibliophilia: A Novella and Stories. Michael Griffith, 2003
Summer in Mossy Creek, Deborah Smith et al, 2003

The Mexico Reader: History, Culture, Politics. edited by Gilbert M. Joseph and Timothy J. Henderson, 2003

home is always the place you just left: a memoir of restless longing and persistent grace. Betty Smartt Carter, 2003
Growing Up: Tales about Life on the Lake, Bailey Jones, 2002
Family Vacations & Other Hazards of Growing Up. Steve White, 2001
The Lonely Hunter: A Biography of Carson McCullers. Virginia Spencer Carr, 2003
The Unwritten War: American Writers and the Civil War. Daniel Aaron, 2003

Remembering Thunder, Andrew Glaze, 2002

Molasses Man, Kathy L. May, Felicia Marshall (illustrator), 2000
Florida A to Z, Susan Jane Ryan, Carol Tornatore (illustrator), 2003

Hotels to Remember, Mary Montague Sikes, 2002

The Millionaire Code: Unlocking Your Financial Personality and Making More Money. Perry W. Buffington, Ph. D. and Willa S. Presmanes, M.Ed., M. A., 2003

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