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                                                   August, 2003                               Vol. 4, No. 8

Book News
Featured Author
"Everything Has a Purpose"
An Interview with Tim Gautreaux
by Pam Kingsbury

Tim Gautreaux's first novel, The Next Step in the Dance, won the 1999 Southeastern Booksellers Award. Born and reared in Louisiana, the author recently retired from his position as Writer-in-Residence at Southeastern Louisiana University and has spent the summer promoting his most recent novel, The Clearing. His work has been selected for inclusion in the O. Henry and Best American Short Story Annuals and has appeared in Zoetrope, GQ, Harper's, and The Atlantic Monthly.

Featured Thriller Author
Scene by Scene
An Interview with Jack Warner
by Joyce Dixon

Jack Warner has always been a writer.  He began his journalism career while still in high school as the sport writer for the El Reno Daily Tribune.  Sports writing took him to United Press in Dallas, which became United Press International (UPI).  At the age of 21, Warner became the New Orleans bureau manager -- and the youngest bureau manager in UPI history.  He also worked for UPI in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, before joining the Atlanta Journal and Constitution

Featured Bookseller
Building Relationships in the Literary Community
An Interview with Jake Reiss
by Pam Kingsbury

A visit to The Alabama Booksmith is a mini-vacation. Located in Homewood, the bookstore specializes in the promotion of Alabama authors, is a member of the Booksense consortium, and an oasis for any book lover.
Owner Jake Reiss refers to customers as "guests" and treats them accordingly. Works by Alabama artists, and soothing jazz provide ambience. The store's layout invites guests to sit down and spend time with a good book.

Featured Landmark
Rugby, Tennessee: A Place Apart
by Kathy Riley Williams

Tourist brochures for Rugby proclaim that it is "a place apart" from the rest of the world. This seems to have been the philosophical, and geographical, pilings upon which the town was built. If one heads west on Tennessee Highway 52, the Victorian hamlet seemingly appears from nowhere, springing up from what's left of the mid-growth forest that surrounds it.

From the Archive
Sun Studio :
A Retrospective
By Robert L. Hall

In memory of Sam Phillips (1925-2003), Southern Scribe returns to a visit to Sun Studio.

Porch Tales
Porch Tales are personal essays that bring memories of family, community, place and all those favorite stories passed on the porch.
Mountains, Memory and Marguerite
by Dorothy K. Fletcher
With God as My Witness....
Southern Scribe editor Joyce Dixon with her view of all things Southern. Here you will find Joyce's opinion of current literary trends, culture, quotes and rants causing her to shout a la Scarlett O'Hara -- "With God as my witness..."
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2, 2003 Georgia Literary Festival
15-17, 2003   Hub City Writers Conference: Writing in Place
21-23, 2003   Florida Magazine Association Conference
30, 2003   White County Creative Writers Conference

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Book Reviews
Love and a Bad Hair Day, Annie Flannigan, 2003
The Clearing, Tim Gautreaux, 2003


Shikar, Jack Warner, 2003


Ate It Anyway, Ed Allen, 2003

Here To Get My Baby Out of Jail, Louise Shivers, 2003

Elvis Presley, Bobbie Ann Mason, 2003

Wellington’s Windows, Marilyn Mae Randall, 2003

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