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                                                   September, 2003                               Vol. 4, No. 9

Book News
It's Just Like Life, You Know?
An Interview with Ace Atkins
by Robert L. Hall 

In a relatively short time, Ace Atkins has settled into the comfortable lifestyle of a full-time writer.  He makes his home on a century-old farm outside Oxford, Mississippi, which he shares with his faithful mutts Elvis and Polk Salad Annie. Atkins teaches an Advanced Reporting class at the University of Mississippi. He spends a good part of his time exploring Memphis, the Delta, the north Mississippi hills, and New Orleans all sources of his writing inspiration. 

King of Grit Lit
An Interview with Larry Brown
by Pam Kingsbury

It's hard to imagine contemporary Southern literature without the influence of Larry Brown. His books have been eagerly anticipated, widely read, and praised by critics. His characters reflect the raw elements of the South, where they need "grit" to survive.

Stirring Up a Mess of Trouble
An Interview with Carl T. Smith
by Joyce Dixon

To newcomers, a pot of Lowcountry Boil looks like someone is stirring up a mess.  The basic ingredients are shrimp, sausage and corn on the cob, but many will toss in crab legs or other local treats.  In the South, 'a mess' also means a quantity of food. Carl T. Smith in Lowcountry Boil is stirring up a mess of trouble for some powerful men who are drawn by the love of adventure and greed into the shady business of drug smuggling. 

"Communities Fix Schools"
An Interview with David Mathews
by Charlotte J. Robertson

"Communities fix schools," David Mathews said, "Not politicians."  Addressing the Stockton Five Arts Club in January of 2000 on the occasion of their 75th anniversary, he added, "In modern times citizens are likely to abandon involvement in schools once their own children are grown...and to feel little or no responsibility for their continued improvement." 

Well, Shut My Mouth!
An Interview with Ed Williams
by Joyce Dixon

Ed Williams is getting quite a reputation on the speakers circuit for his brand of rural humor about growing up in Juliette, Georgia. His day job is in Human Resources management for a large middle Georgia manufacturer, which adds to his insight of the ups and downs of the everyday man.

The Writer's Soul
An Interview with Barbara Casey
by Elaine August

Barbara Casey stays on the cutting edge of the publishing world.  A move to Florida added even more to her career lineup.  She could have bought a handmade hammock of sunny-colored threads, attached it to palm trees that would guarantee shade, enjoy potted hibiscus in the garden and gently list with a book of poetry.


Porch Tales
Porch Tales are personal essays that bring memories of family, community, place and all those favorite stories passed on the porch.
A Celebration of Grandparents
by Michael Morris
With God as My Witness....
Southern Scribe editor Joyce Dixon with her view of all things Southern. Here you will find Joyce's opinion of current literary trends, culture, quotes and rants causing her to shout a la Scarlett O'Hara -- "With God as my witness..."
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Killer Diller: A New Musical Based on Clyde Edgerton's Novel

Janisse Ray is Named the Grisham Writer-in-Residence

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September  Calendar
3-6, 2003 Florida Outdoor Writers Conference
4-7, 2003 Mid-South Independent Booksellers Assoc. Trade Show
9/15-11/19, 2003 Caught in the Creative Act
17-20, 2003 Fall for the Book Literary Festival
17-18, 2004 The Celebration of Books
19-21, 2003 Baltimore Book Festival
19-21, 2003 Southeast Booksellers Association Trade Show
19-20, 2003 Southern Writers Symposium
19-28, 2003 The Atlanta Literary Festival
25-28, 2003 Lost State Writers Conference
27, 2003 Telling Alabama's Stories
30, 2003 Annual Library of Virginia Literary Awards

2003 Calendar

Book Reviews
Jesus Sound Explosion, Mark Curtis Anderson


The Rabbit Factory, Larry Brown
Isle of Palms: A Lowcountry Tale, Dorothea Benton Frank
Slow Way Home, Michael Morris

Evidence of Things Unseen, Marianne Wiggins

Run Me A River, Janice Holt Giles, 2003

Fiddle Dee Death, Caroline Cousins
Music to Die For, Radine Trees Nehring
Lowcountry Boil, Carl T. Smith


Shyla's Initiative, Barbara Casey
The Three Miss Margarets, Louise Shaffer, 2003


LISTEN HERE: Women Writing in Appalachia, edited by Sandra Bullard and Patricia Hudson
Curled in a Bed of Love, by Catherine Brady

Why Public Schools? Whose Public Schools? What Early Communities Have to Tell Us, David Mathews

The Women of Country Music: A Reader, edited by Charles Wolfe and James Akenson

Heart of a Small Town, Robin McDonald


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