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                                                          September, 2004                                   Vol. 5, No. 8

Book News
Southern Characters at Odds
An Interview with Robert Lamb
by Joyce Dixon

Robert Lamb brings to his writing old south traditions with new south "in your face" change and non-conformity. He captures the essence of the modern south: urban, small town, self-exploration, and heritage. His southern characters are at odds with their world. Lamb's writing brings self-discovery and heart, not to mention a hell of a thrill ride.

“Where something is found...”
An interview with Cary Holladay
by Robert L. Hall
Cary Holladay and her husband, John Bensko, both teach in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Memphis.  Usually, when you get a pair of writers together, you hear twice as many interesting tales and discussions about writing.
Mazel Tov Y'all! The South as a Melting Pot
An Interview with Roy Hoffman
by Pam Kingsbury
Roy Hoffman's Chicken Dreaming Corn has been  praised by Harper Lee as, "A story of great appeal in prose lean and clean ." The pre-publicity blurbs come from authors as diverse as: Sena Jeter Naslund, Eli Evans, Albert Murray, Diane McWhorter, and Bill Aron.
Literary Scene: South of the Border
by Wayne Greenhaw

Nestled high in the hills of colonial Mexico, about 250 miles north of Mexico City and 60 miles southeast of Leon/Guanajuato, the nearest international airport, is the town of San Miguel de Allende, where expatriate writers and artists first invaded the narrow cobblestone streets and massive haciendas in the 1940s.

Porch Tales
Porch Tales are personal essays that bring memories of family, community, place and all those favorite stories passed on the porch. 
Four to a Bed
By Ulmer Speed 





Book Reviews

Just Beneath My Skin: Autobiography and Self-Discovery, Patricia Foster
My Heart is in the Earth: True Stories of Alabama and Mexico, Wayne Greenhaw
Spirits in the Field, Bruce Hopkins
Grass Widow: Making My Way in Depression Alabama, Viola Goode Liddell
Fierce: A Memoir, Barbara Robinette Moss
White Girl: A Story of School Desegregation, Clara Silverstein
Saints at the River, Ron Rash
A Posturing of Fools, Brewster Milton Robertson
'Mater Biscuit, Julie Cannon
The Cruelest Months, Dorothy K. Fletcher
The Lord Had Something Better in Mind, Barbara J. Robinson
Broken As Things Are, Martha Witt
Execute the Office, Daniel Bailey
On My Father's Grave, Marshall Frank
Atlanta Blues, Robert Lamb
Chicken Dreaming Corn, Roy Hoffman
Seven Laurels, Linda Busby Parker
They That Sow In Tears, Catherine Chappell Lewis & Charles Nolan Sandifer
Smile When You Call Me A Hillbilly, Jeffrey J. Lange
The Listening, Kyle Dargan
Necessary Acts, Peter Huggins
The Saint of Letting Small Fish Go, Eliot Khalil Wilson









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