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                                                               October, 2004                                      Vol. 5, No. 9

Book  News

An Interview with Ron Rash
by Pam Kingsbury
In a soft-spoken voice, the music of language rolls of Ron Rash's tongue -- bespeaking years of Appalachian heritage. In his quiet nature, a love of the environment and family is exposed. His stories of loss and redemption are poignant and complex. Ron Rash's sense of place is strong.


An Interview with Karen Sayler McElmurray
by Pam Kingsbury 

Karen Sayler McElmurray juggles writing and teaching with aplomb. Using the knowledge she's gained from experience, McElmurry shares her wisdom, hoping her students will "go deeper." In Surrendered Child, she delved into her pain, and her memories of the choices she made as a young woman, with a critic's eye and a mother's heart. 

An Interview with Barbara Robinette Moss
by Pam Kingsbury

Barbara Robinette Moss announced her intention to be an artist in second grade. While the initial impulse may have been to get her mother's attention, the child's imagination and love for art has never left Moss. Along the way, writing "found her."

Balance is a Constant Struggle
An Interview with Linda Busby Parker
by Pam Kingsbury

After over twenty years of doing service to the community by teaching, Linda Busby Parker is finally following her dream. As a wife, mother, professional, and author, she's learned that "balance, balance, balance is a constant struggle," yet one she relishes.


Porch Tales
Porch Tales are personal essays that bring memories of family, community, place and all those favorite stories passed on the porch. 
A Visit to Grandma’s House
by Joan Hetzler
Geezer Status
by Jim Reed






Book Reviews

Hurricane Game Created

Taste of the South in Time for Holiday Entertaining

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Southeast Independent Bestseller List (managed by Book Sense and SEBA).

Surrendered Child: A Birth Mother's Journey, Karen Salyer McElmurray
Fierce: A Memoir, Barbara Robinette Moss
Spirits in the Field, Bruce Hopkins
Saints at the River, Ron Rash
Coiled in the Heart, Scott Elliott
'Mater Biscuit, Julie Cannon
The Cruelest Months, Dorothy K. Fletcher
The Lord Had Something Better in Mind, Barbara J. Robinson
On My Father's Grave, Marshall Frank
Falling Stars: Air Crashes that Filled Rock & Roll Heaven, Rick Everitt
Porch Plenitude: Feeling Good Every Day, Dickie Anderson
Chestnut, Constance W. McGeorge and Mary Whyte
Arfie at Amelia, Roger Moore and Ron Kurtz
The Adventures of Pelican Pete: First Discoveries, Hugh and Frances Keiser




















October Calendar

1-2 The Celebration of Books
1-2 James River Writers Festival
1-3 Amelia Island Book Festival
1-3 Moonlight and Magnolias
7-30 Novello
7-9 Ozark Writers Conference
8-10 Southern Festival of Books
9 National Book Festival
9-11 Southern Foodways Symposium
14-16 Eudora Welty Writers' Symposium
15-17 South Carolina Writers Workshop Conference
16 Annual Library of Virginia Literary Awards
16 Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators - Southern Breeze Fall Conference
29-30 Atlanta Antiquarian Book Fair
20-22 USC Fall Festival of Authors
20-23 FIU Seaside Writers Conference
28-31 Texas Book Festival
29-31 Cape Fear Crime Festival
29-31 NC Writers' Network Fall Conference
29-31 Meet Me in St. Louis Book Festival
29-31 North Carolina Writers Network Fall Conference

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