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                                             November - December, 2004                            Vol. 5, No. 10

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A Batch of Word Soup
An Interview with Catherine Landis
by Pam Kingsbury

Catherine Landis, like her novels Some Days There’s Pie and Harvest, is articulate, thoughtful, smart, sensible, and sensitive. Dedicated to her craft, Landis creates characters reminiscent of long last family members and friends. If, as Landis says, writing is "like making soup," reading her writing is like eating a good soup in that the reader feels nourished and satisfied afterwards.  

Exploring Women's Roles
An Interview with Patricia Foster
by Pam Kingsbury

Patricia Foster's works are about women's lives -- what it means to be identified by gender, race, place, and socio-economic class. Using the everyday to define her life -- her roles as daughter, sister, wife, college professor, writer -- she writes about the changes she's seen during her lifetime.  


Porch Tales
Porch Tales are personal essays that bring memories of family, community, place and all those favorite stories passed on the porch. 
The Stranger at the Foot of the Mountain
By Phylenia G. French
Preacher's Boy
By Palmer Fitzgerald















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Southeast Independent Bestseller List (managed by Book Sense and SEBA).

Spirits in the Field, Bruce Hopkins
Bad Ground, W. Dale Cramer
Early Leaving, Judy Goldman
Harvest, Catherine Landis
Some Days There's Pie, Catherine Landis
Live Like You Were Dying, Michael Morris
Chicken Bone Man, Anna Olswanger
The Long-Range Plan, Wade Tabor
'Mater Biscuit, Julie Cannon
The Cruelest Months, Dorothy K. Fletcher
The Lord Had Something Better in Mind, Barbara J. Robinson
On My Father's Grave, Marshall Frank
I Rode the Pink Pig: Atlanta's Favorite Christmas Tradition, Foreword by Ludlow Porch
Falling Stars: Air Crashes that Filled Rock & Roll Heaven, Rich Everitt
The Poetry of Men's Lives: An International Anthology,edited by Fred Moramarco and Al Zolnas
Hallelujah! The Welcome Table, Maya Angelou
Ernest's Gift, Kathryn Tucker Windham, Frank Hardy (illustrator)
















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