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                                                              February, 2005                           Vol. 6, No. 2

Book  News

An Interview with Jackson T. McCrae
by Pam Kingsbury 

Jackson Tippett McCrae always knew he wanted a life in the arts. After the sleeper success of his debut novel, The Bark of the Dogwood, McCrae is back with a collection of short stories that dance to his muse.

Writing on the Wings of Grace
An Interview with Vanessa Griggs
by Pam Kingsbury

In many ways, Vanessa Davis Griggs’ life is much like that of her characters. She understands what it means to have a good work ethic, to get knocked down and get back up, and to trust her instincts. Her innate spirituality and passionate nature form both her personal and writing life. 

The Literalist and The Humorist
by Marsha Marks 

I once worked on a humor piece with an editor who was a literalist, literally. I would write the line, "People were laughing their heads off." And she would write back, "I have a problem with rolling body parts."

Porch Tales

Porch Tales are personal essays that bring memories of family, community, place and all those favorite stories passed on the porch. 
Smart Old Men
by Ulmer Speed
Terror in the Outhouse! 
By Janie Spence
Screen Doors 
By Brenda S. Brown













Book Reviews

Wayne Greenhaw to Receive Clarence Cason Award

More News

Southeast Independent Bestseller List (managed by Book Sense and SEBA).

Boy with Loaded Gun: A Memoir, Lewis Nordon
Alternative Atlanta, Marshall Boswell
Course of the Waterman, Nancy Taylor Robson
Wings of Grace, Vanessa Davis Griggs
Why Beulah Shot Her Pistol Inside the Baptist Church, Clayton Sullivan
The Night She Died, Jennifer Patrick
Judas Island, Kathryn R. Wall
North of Nowhere, South of Loss: Stories, Janette Turner Hospital
The Children's Corner, Jackson Tippett McCrae
Water Street, Crystal E. Wilkinson
The Banjoman: El Hombre del Banjo, Tyler Norman and José S. Perez
Freedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-Ins, Carole Boston Weatherford
Why are the Mountains Smoky? Kent Whitaker










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