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Southern Women: An Interview with Ronda Rich
by Joyce Dixon
Copyright 2000, All Rights Reserved


Ever wonder why men all over the world jump up to do a Southern woman's bidding?  Ronda Rich shares the secrets that girls south of the Mason-Dixon learn at their mother's knee.

How can you spot a Southern woman in a crowd in New York City? 

Rich: Easy. She's wearing colorful clothing amidst a sea of black!

What makes a Southern woman irresistible to men?

Rich: To men outside of the South, it's the accent mingled with the femininity.  To Southern men, it's the femininity and oozing charm.

Your first career as a sportswriter is untraditional.  How did you use your skills as a Southern woman to cover sports? 

Rich:  I clung tenaciously to my femininity, although it was not a  popular thing to do.  Fellow sportswriters thought I should be less "glamorous." However, that femininity attracted attention from the athletes and coaches. It enabled me to stand out in the crowd and, therefore, I was able to secure more interviews and better quotes. Men traditionally abhor being rude  to ladies.  It goes against their natural grain.

How is Southern humor a survival skill?

Rich: Laughter renews our spirit and tears away layers of oppression that drag us down. Southerners have the delightful ability to laugh at ourselves and to overcome adversity by finding humor in the darkest of situations. What it boils down to is that our humor in the South is the backbone of our incredible strength.

How do Southern women get revenge on those who have done them wrong?

Rich: Very carefully and patiently. We know that what goes around, comes around and that eventually we'll have the perfect opportunity to extract our pound of flesh. Without fail, those who do us wrong, eventually want or need something from us very badly. I have still have a couple of wrongs to right and if it takes years, I will do it when the perfect time arrives.  Meanwhile, I never think about it because they're both tucked carefully and securely in the back of my mind.

How do Southern wives keep their men happy and in line?

Rich: Southern women are very dedicated to the art of traditional homemaking, but not at the sacrifice of careers. Still, we flaunt beautiful lingerie and we care deeply about how we look, even long after we marry. Southern women are incredible in their dedication to looking good for  their men. We also spoil those men rotten! And we never consider it to be demeaning, just a delightful part of our personal lives. Of course, we demand the same in return!

What makes the manner of how Southern women flirt unique?

Rich:  The warmth of our charm. It is obvious that it's genuine and comes from the heart. It makes Southern women irresistible!

What makes a Southern woman's home warm and welcoming?

Rich:  The attention we put into tiny details like scented room sprays, flowers, candles, a roaring fire.

How does a Southern woman handle the end of a relationship?

Rich:  Without malice and bitterness. We learn our lessons and move on. Our favorite form of revenge over the men who have not adequately appreciated us, is to spend our lives making them pea green with envy over the fact they lost us. We keep ourselves looking gorgeous and work hard to create successful lives for ourselves. And because we never bad mouthed them and walked away with grace, those men  always carry a degree of love for us.

What inspired this very educational manual, and what are you working on now?

Rich: My agent asked me to write it. He's from New York and he found himself completely fascinated by Southern women. He said, "I realized that whenever I was around Southern women that they made me feel good about myself." so, he thought if I could find a way to package it and sell it that people would be interested. So far, it has worked too. We're close to a fourth printing on the book and Doubleday recently bought it for their book of the month club.

 As for what's next, we'll have to see. I'm working on a couple of things --- all with Southern-based themes, of course. It is a really exciting time for me.

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What Southern Women Know (That Every Woman Should ): Timeless Secrets to Get Everything You Want in Love, Life, and Work
by Ronda Rich
Putnam, 1999
ISBN:  0-399-14575-3


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